Commercial Flooring Maintenance


Regardless of who installed your flooring, we know how to take care of it. The London Floor Company provides a pro-active Cleaning and Maintenance Programme for all floor finishes; this ensures a maximum return on your investment because the flooring project doesn't end once the floor is installed...

Carpet Maintenance

Cleaning and Programmed Maintenance guarantees your carpets retain their aesthetic appeal, last longer and therefore minimise replacement costs later on.

Clean carpets are healthier - it is vitally important to protect your staff from contaminants that live and breed in carpets – an essential consideration in our environmentally-conscious world.

How does a Carpet Maintenance Programme help?
  • Maintains clean & fresh buiilding interiors & corporate image
  • Reduces the contaminant factors that affect indoor air quality
  • Helps protect employees from health problems associated with dust mites, moulds & other allergens

The London Floor Company treats all carpets with a bactericide to kill the microbial growth food chain.

Microbial Growth – What is it?

Microbial growth describes carpet mites, fungi, bacteria and many more contaminants that live and breed in the dirt in your carpet.

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Stone Floor Maintenance

Stone is the most expensive type of flooring and yet amazingly suffers the most simply, through lack of maintenance!

Stone is porous and therefore needs to be correctly maintained. The common perception is that, because stone is such a hardy material, it requires very little or no maintenance at all. But, in fact, it requires a very specific regime.

We guarantee the protection of your investment in Stone - whether it's Marble, Sandstone, Granite, Limestone or Slate ensuring it looks superb, no matter where its location, and use the latest methods and products available

How do we help?
  • Initial Maintenance – with cleaning & treatments to stop staining.
  • Protection – against damaging coffee and other spills.
  • Maintaining the natural stone finish or creating a beautiful deep shine.
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Wood Floor Maintenance

Timber flooring has one of the most appealing finishes of all flooring, and with a degree of care, should last for generations.

The finish of your wooden floor should provide years of reasonable protection against dirt and moisture, and regular maintenance helps to preserve the wood's character and appearance.

How can we keep your Wood Flooring looking good?
  • Daily cleaning programmes which include sweeping, vacuum cleaning & light mopping
  • Advise you on the ideal temperature & humidity to help maintain your wood floor. Remember, wood is an organic material that responds to environmental conditions!
  • Maintain finishes on unfinished, laquered and oiled wood flooring with specialist care products.
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