Commercial Stone Flooring

Natural, hardwearing, characterful.

We offer a complete Design, Planning and Installation service for all types of Commercial Stone floor coverings and can assist you in selecting both the right type of stone Floor Covering and the most cost effective solution.

The natural, tactile and aesthetic qualities of natural stone create a beautiful backdrop to any commercial flooring project. Marble, Slate, Sandstone, Limestone and Porcelain are amongst the most popular, and the choice of colours and designs is more diverse than ever.

Why choose Stone for your commercial flooring needs?
  • Stone is excellent at creating a focal point.
  • Adds a natural feel to any commercial spaces such as offices and retail space.
  • Stone is extemely durable - ideal for areas of heavy footfall in commercial environments.
  • Natural stone flooring offers a clean, hard-wearing and healthy flooring option, free from dust and dirt which can affect softer floor coverings.
  • Stone is a natural material that improves with age. It weathers with wear and tear which helps contribute to its character.

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