Commercial Wood Flooring

Natural look, visually appealing & modern.

We offer a complete Design, Planning and Installation service for commercial wood flooring and can assist you in selecting both the right wood floor type, design and style for your environment.

A popular choice for boardrooms and customer areas, a hardwearing and visually apealing option that maintains that 'natural look'. We offer a wide range of wood types, styles and colours enabling us to find the right product to suit your specific décor.

Why choose Wood Flooring?
  • Adds character and value to any room.
  • Easy to maintain. New technology in finishes and stains call for simple regular sweeping with a soft bristle brush or vacuuming with a soft attachment, with occasional use of a professional wood floor cleaning product.
  • Wood is both renewable and recyclable. Wood flooring is ecologically friendly since it is made from a natural resource.
  • Hygienic and healthy. Wood does not collect as much dust and other allergens as other types of flooring.

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